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7 May, 2015

How to use a waterblaster

At Complete Services we offer a full health and safety training course showing the correct way to use a waterblaster, the correct way to maintain a waterblaster and everything else in between. Our service centre for karcher machines is always here for you however if you look after your machine you will get a lot longer time in between services which will save you money in the long run. Here are some hot tips on Karcher water blaster and other related machines to make them last longer and work more efficiently.

Here are some tips from Martin Riddle our waterblaster expert with more than 30 years experience in Karcher water blaster and also other brands.

Tip No one.

Always ensure you have enough water pressure to the machine. A Karcher water blaster needs a certain amount of water at the intake to ensure the pump is completely

Tip No two.
Do not use cheap extension leads as these can cause major problems to your karcher water Blaster. If you are using a long extension lead then you need a bigger cross section of wires inside the lead. Ensure you have a minimum 2.5mill cross section and make this thicker as the lead gets longer. The power needs to be carried efficiently to the water blaster to ensure the power is even. Poor power supply will lead to burnt out motors and expensive repairs.
If you are unsure please contact Our Karcher expert

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