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7 May, 2015

Karcher Steam cleaner

Karcher steam cleaners are the Number one steam cleaners and we recommend these in conjunction with our karcher Water Blasters and our Karcher Scrubbers.

Karcher steam cleaners are so reliable and we have thousands of satisfied clients who use their Karcher steam cleaner every day for removing general muck, grease, dirt and other contaminants from all types of surfaces. Karcher Steam cleaners cater for domestic and commercial users. For example a greasy mechanics workshop where grease and oil is present is a good test case for a steam cleaner. Heat is critical for breaking down the oils and greases on the floor and a steam cleaner is the best solution for this situtaion. Another example of heat being used in cleaning is when urine or feaces is being removed. Heat helps the salt crystals expand in the urine and and allows the cleaning process to be alot smoother. The Karcher staem cleaners and Karcher water blaster range is a very powerful combination and the fact that karcher Water blaster parts are so easily available makes Karcher your perfect choice.

We can even tailor make a steam cleaner for you running on diesel and petrol.

Although these machines are reliable and extremely well built from time to time these units will have a build up of lime in them that can affect the performance. You need to service your Karcher Steam cleaner regularly.

If the water source is poor or your machine gets a serious workout it is important for us to service the machine regularly to ensure the lime scale is removed on your Karcher steam cleaner and you always get the best performance from the unit.

We will descale the unit and service it and return it to you like new so you get many more years of excellent performance.

Why is steam so powerful for cleaning?

A combination of heat and pressure (plus a little product on severe jobs) is the dynamite combination to clean the toughest contamination’s from any substrate. Contact our team to get the recommendations on what Karcher Steam Cleaner is best suited to your needs

Karcher Steam cleaners come in all shapes and sizes ranging from domestic steam cleaners through to commercial steam cleaners
The world famous domestic SC1125 as shown below
Right through to our large commerial steam cleaners such as the HDS1295 shown below.


Karcher Commercial Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner

Contact us here for more information on Karcher Steam Cleaners

Have a look at this domestic Karcher steam cleaner below and you will see the power of steam in the kitchen. Imagine this as a commercial unit Steam is a great cleaning method and is tried and tested. karcher make an excellent steam cleaner that will do the job and last for years

Using the power of steam and pressure from a commercial Karcher steam cleaner is so powerful and our customers just love it. Once you have tried a karcher unit you won’t use anything else.