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15 June, 2016

Karcher Water Blaster range wins again

Hard to believe another year has come around for Complete Services as a leading Karcher waterblaster distributor. This year we saw a more diverse range of Karcher water Blaster clients due to what we think is the increased housing boom here in Auckland and the “lady of the house” becoming more able to use the domestic range of Karcher waterblasters. No longer are the machines large, heavy, hard to handle waterblasters that are designed for the burley male only. We also had an increase in companies now doing their own waterblasting and maintenance to try to save some money.

The economic downturn in some industries has led to comapnies using a waterblaster to clean their grounds, engineering workshops, moss and mouldy areas in the work grounds and the outsides of office buildings where city grime and mildew builds up.

The Karcher range of water blaster covers off these requirements and based on the size of the area that needs to be clesaned this will determine what sort of karcher waterblaster is required. At Complete Services we also have a range of Nilfisk waterblasters also which can be used as well.
Karcher Water Blaster

Karcher Water Blaster

You can see more models of karcher here

The karcher range also takes into account heavy duty requirements of larger cleaning contractors and also large companies that have their own maintenance department

Here is an example of a large heavy duty water blaster from karcher

These units are easily transported and are serviced easily as well . Complete Services have a full service department and have an extensive range of karcher parts also.