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11 August, 2015

New Karcher Water Blaster shopping cart

Karcher water Blaster

k5670imgFor all our loyal Karcher water Blaster customers we now have a shopping cart with all the Karcher water blaster models, karcher waterblaster parts and other well known brands on the ecommerce website. It is found here

You can now buy a waterblaster or parts plus accessories and the full range from karcher online and people are embracing our new shopping cart with enthusiasm. A karcher waterblaster expert is now only a mouse click away. You will notice some of the machines are not priced. This is due to the competitive nature of the industry and the fact that we want your business so ring us last for the best possible price in New Zealand.

Before purchasing a water blaster feel free to contact one of our water blaster sales people who can give you a recommendation on what machine best suits you and your unique requirements. There are some basic questions we need to ask you such as

What type of cleaning are you doing?

What is the main purpose of the waterblaster?

How far away from the water source will the waterblaster be located (Very important for water pressure and to preserve the machine)

Other questions are what is the power source going to be?

How far from the power source is the machine going to be used?

Would a diesel water blaster be more suited to your situation?

Do you need heat in the cleaning process? (Ideal for greasy situation where chemicals are not able to be used)

What sort of cleaning wands do you require for your water blasting application?

These are just a few of the numerous questions required when choosing the correct water blaster.