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7 May, 2015

New releases of Karcher waterblaster

At Complete Services we specialise in Karcher Waterblasters and every now and then a new Karcher waterblaster comes out that warrants a mention to our valued client base of water blaster users New Zealand wide.

The team at Complete Services karcher water Blaster

Karcher are very clever and put alot of focus into listening to what a potential client needs and then applying these requirements into very efficient waterblasters. By discovering what a waterblaster clients requirements are and then making that machine suit the users karcher have taken a dominant role in the market. One thing that Complete services (karcher waterblster Dealer) have noticed over the years is, a lot more women using waterblasters particularly around Auckland. We have found that Karcher and Nilfisk waterblasters both make some models that suit women very well.

When evaluating a waterblaster for a client we look at various requirements such as the main use of the machine, the weight of the unit, size of area that the client is waterblasting, the mobile requirements of the user i.e is the wasterblasetr being transported alot or is it being used from one location such as a garage. If the waterblaster unit is not being shipped all over Auckland in the back of a van then we can provide somehting a bit heavier and with more power. Other things we look for in a water blaster is ease of use and the ability to get a fast accurate waterblasting result with minimum effort. The weight of the waterblaster is critical particularly for women or elderly people and the ease in which it can be used.
For example a women who waterblasts her driveway needs a machine that is light, powerful yet easy to use and very economival. However if that machine is only used at home, a slighty heavier unit can be used as it will be on wheels and easy to transport from the garden shed to the location that it is being used in.

Tip No 1

Determine if the water blaster is needing to be transported or if it is used from one location.
We find that most people don’t consider this when purchasing a water blaster and when the time comes to put it in the back of the car it is either too heavy, too big or both.
This is a good waterblaster with excellent pressure and is easy to manoeuvre. Click here to see

Tip No 2

Determine the about of pressure that is required. One of our friendly team can help you with this. For example if you need to waterblast a courtyard area then the above water blaster is perfectly acceptable. If you have to do a long driveway then you will need more water pressure and a better stronger pump. At Complete Services Auckland we have a range of waterblaster pumps and karcher waterblaster parts that suit all applications and users.

Tip No 3

Determine the waterpressure in the water source before buying the waterblaster.

Waterblasters need a certain amount of water to ensure the machine has the correct pressure at the output.