At Complete Services we are specialists in Karcher water blasters and Karcher waterblaster service and parts. Some popular models include cold water blasters Phone: 09 274 3700 to book your Karcher Waterblaster in.

Sales and Service

  1. Karcher Range
  2. Nilfisk/Alto Range
  3. CS Petrol Water Blasters
  4. Kranzle range
  5. Lavor Range
  6. Kerrick Range
  7. Hitachi outdoor equipment
  8. Design and Build Machines
  9. Water Recycle Systems
  10. Bertinalli Spray Equipment NEW RANGE (Crop and lawn spray equipment)

We have over 20 years experience in servicing Karcher water blaster machines and we have most parts in stock or close at hand for you. We also have karcher water blasters in stock plus a range of karcher scrubbers, cleaners and petrol waterblasters. Our range of karcher parts is very large and we have a great network for sourcing those hard to get Karcher Water Blaster parts. Commonly we get asked also for Karcher waterblaster hoses and pressure hoses which can fail from time to time with wear and aging. Pressure heads and washers are also in stock or easily obtained and our staff have 100 years of combined service experience.

We recommend you give your Karcher machine a regular service to ensure your waterblaster is always reliable and ready to do the job. We understand that a lot of our clients rely on their Water Blasters for their income so therefore down time can cost money. Deal with Complete Services and we will look after you if you are a contractor and help you get back to work quickly and easily.


We have Karcher Water Blasters for hire and loan and we can get you back on the job very very quickly. You can trust Complete Services with your water blaster no problems

  • Karcher water blasters use up to 80% less water than a garden tap supply
  • Using your water blaster more regularly during the year prevents pump corrosion
  • Worldwide, every six seconds a Karcher water blaster is sold
  • Karcher is the world’s market leader for water blasters
  • Karcher invented and patented the first high pressure hot water blaster


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— Phone: 09 274 3700


Phone: +64 (0)0800 426 6753

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