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7 May, 2015

Water Blaster Tips

A question we get asked alot by our waterblaster clients is

How can I make my waterblaster last longer?

To ensure a long service life of your karcher water blaster, please ensure you do the following

Use a water filter on all incoming water supply to prevent debris getting into the pump and causing damage
Ensure you have a way of stopping water from getting back into the pipe. There must not be a non-return (total stop) valve fitted to the garden hose to ensure this happens
Inappropriate power extension leads maybe dangerous and causes damage to the motor. The below conductor cross-sections are recommended for extensions:

1-10 meter a minimum conductor cross-section of 1.5mm2
10-30 meter a minimum conductor cross-section of 2.5mm2

Always ensure that the water supply to the water blaster is turned on before switching on
Your garden hose (water supply hose) must be a minimum of 7.5 meters long and no longer than 30 meters
Un-roll the high pressure hose and electrical cord before every use
When you have finished using the water blaster, switch off the machine and turn off the power before turning the water supply off, then squeeze the trigger to release the pump pressure
Read the instruction manual carefully, and keep for future reference

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