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17 August, 2015

Why a Karcher Waterblaster

Histroy of Karcher Water Blasters and why we recommend you use them or our other European waterblasters at great prices

Alfred Karcher established the Karcher company in the 1900’s.  Karcher is a Germany brand that manufactures industrial cleaning equipment and specialises in floor scrubbers, water blasters, floor sweepers, industrial vaccumn cleaners, and floor polishers. The story of Karcher begins when Alfred completes his studies in 1924, he then begins to work at his fathers company where he soon develops it into an engineering company. Alfred Karcher was rumoured to be a very innovative and committed man and was looking for ways to make cleaning easier with quality machines.

In the 1950’s Karcher began manufacturing cleaning equipment. It was in this decade that Europe saw the very first hot water blasters. Ever since the invention of the water blaster the Karcher brand has been dominant ever since and is well known for reliability, great parts availability and excellent service.. Karcher is now a world-renowned brand, it is known for its eco friendly and hygienic products and cleaning equipment, but is most popular for its Karcher waterblasters.


In 1962 Karcher started to expand to other countries. Karcher began its expansion in France then Austria and then Switzerland. Karcher now is presented in 57 countries with 40 000 service centres. At this point Karcher was not only producing the pressure washers it had developed a huge product line.

Complete services in Auckland carry the industrial waterblasters, floor scrubbers and floor sweepers in our East Tamaki warehouse and service centre


Karcher now has a wide range of products; pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers, steam cleaners, window cleaners, pumps, steam vacuum cleaners, Floor polishers, watering range, cordless electric broom, steam ironing station, cleaning agents and care products, water dispensers, industrial cleaning systems, air blowers, steam cleaners, vehicle cleaning systems and MUCH MUCH more. Karcher is said to be the most powerful water blaster brand throughout the world. The yellow brand has become so common with many domestic and commercial clients throughout the world and is very popular in New Zealand also. Karcher is always finding way to improve their products as well as the innovation of other products.


Complete Services are an Auckland based Karcher agent. We have been providing Aucklanders with the Karcher waterblasters since 1990 and have a full range of Karcher parts, Karcher service centres and most of all experience of over 20 years in selling Karcher Floor scrubbers and Floor sweepers.


Complete Services provide customers with Karcher waterblasters, Karcher waterblaster equipment, water blaster parts, commercial vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, cleaning chemicals and much more. We also know how expensive water blasters can be, that is why we offer the option of water blaster hire whether it is for domestic or commercial use.


We also know it can be quite difficult choosing the right cleaning equipment, we know this because we are always advising our customers in which product to choose. We have over 20 years experience in this industry, that’s how we know which products are best for you.


For great water blaster service and advice, complete services are the guys for you. We only sell the best-known brands.

Karcher trusted since 1935, it’s our preferred choice. We also offer out other machines here